Stefania Loise Estacchini

Stefania Louise Estacchini I Architect I RIBA ARB MSc

Stefania is an Architect, designer and advocate for the need for Sustainable Architecture, Energy Efficient Design and cleaner,  beautiful spaces.

Her mission with her work is to make the general public more aware that there are better ways of building spaces, making them more energy efficient, clean and beautiful, and that striving for quality and healthy environments does not have to necessarily come at an extra cost .

Stefania received her degree from The University of Milan and did her postgraduate studies in architecture at the renown Mackintosh School of Architecture at Glasgow University, and her Master of Science in Sustainable Design and Performance at Oxford.  She has worked as an Architect for over 20 years, has travelled and worked all over the world, practicing as an Architect in Singapore, Athens, Milan and London.

In London she worked for the practice of Sir Hugh Casson and Neville Conder and collaborated with Practice Partner Anthony Cane in the construction of the Student Union Building at Warwick University.   After passing her professional practice exams and becoming a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects and of the Architects Registration Board, Stefania worked with renown London based Architects:  Hamiltons Associates.

In Athens she collaborated with SYMA architects for the extension of St Catherine’s British Embassy school and with Thymio Papagiannis Architects, where she was appointed Project Manager for the construction of the Tae-kwon-Do Olympic Stadium for the Athens 2004 Olympic games.

Since 2007 she has lived with her family in St Albans, England, and now runs her own practice.

why work with us

We believe that everyone should live and work in a beautiful, clean and energy efficient designed space.
We spend most of our time indoors, and if the spaces in which we live and work make us unhappy and unhealthy this can have a long term affect on our well being. When at work, or when coming home from work, everyone should have the right to live in attractive environments, that are warm in winter and that don’t overheat in summer, that are built with energy efficiency in mind and using natural materials that minimise the amount of chemicals we breath in every day.

We believe that good design is a must for everyone, and that it can come at an affordable cost.

We have a lot of experience.

Having practiced architecture since 1994 we bring a lot of experience and knowledge to your project, we know what works and what doesn’t, but most of all we have learnt  to listen to people’s real needs and requirements and translate this into projects that bring a real positive contribution to peoples lives. We are members of the Royal Institute of British Architects and of the Architects Registration Board and we will follow the development of your project step by step, from inception to after completion on site, ensuring that you get the best value for money and the best quality building.

We have real Green Credentials.

We have always believed in the importance of designing sustainable buildings, to the extent of taking a year out from practice to study Sustainable  Architecture at University and obtaining a Master in Science on the subject. Sustainability is not something we ‘add on’, we make it effortlessly part of the project at not much extra cost. We also make sure that while striving for energy efficiency we give equal importance to all the other factors that make a successful building: the creation of serene and spirit enhancing environments that fit peacefully in their surroundings.

We really care for our clients.

Designing and constructing a building is not for the faint hearted, there can be many challenges involved, but we strive to make the process as easy and accessible as possible and we work hard to do everything we can to make your project successful. By using smart design and good quality systems and materials we strive to create buildings that will make this world a better place to live in. Are you ready for the challenge?