A 6m extension in St Albans

Natural light and ventilation,St Albans:  This is a typical St Albans 1930’s semidetached home in need of extra space to the rear as the family is growing and is looking after an elderly relative.  The extension takes advantage of the new Relaxation in the Planning Laws and will be 6m deep, a roof lantern will bring lots of natural light and ventilation into the new family and kitchen areas.  Construction is nearly terminated and the Client is delighted with the new space which allows her to cook while overlooking her lovely garden! Photos soon to come!005-Building Regulations

More information related to the Relaxation of the Planning Laws: under this new scheme which is currently to last until 2016, home owners will be permitted to extend a semidetached house from 3m to 6m (only ground floor) and detached homes from 4m to 8m (only ground floor).  The extensions are allowed without planning permission, but the process is more complicated than it first appears to be.  For a start a set of plans still will need to be submitted to the Council together with a list of all the neighbours name and address.   After the Planners ensure that the proposed plans are acceptable within the permitted development parameters they will contact the neighbours for their view.  You only need one neighbour to be unhappy with the proposal to run into troubled waters!  If all neighbours are happy, the Council will issue a first approval.

But this is not the end of the story!  The Council in fact requires that after overcoming the first hurdle described above, the same set of plans is submitted again to the Planning Department so that you may obtain a ‘Ccertificate of Lawfulness’.   The certificate could still be refused at this stage! Which means making modifications to the plans and resubmitting the whole lot again!  In conclusion this will not be an easy ride, but as our lovely client concluded ‘well worthwhile once you look at the results!’

005-Building Regulations005-Building Regulations005-Building Regulationsnatural light