• In central London most offices are built in glass and no matter how energy efficient the window it cannot compare with the energy retained by a cavity wall.  Our office designs aim to have a more balanced ratio between glass

  • This is a typical St Albans 1930’s semidetached home in need of extra space to the rear as the family is growing and is looking after an elderly relative.  The extension takes advantage of the new Relaxation in the Planning

  • As families grow and change our homes requires adaptation and upgrading.  The owner of this house wanted her mum to come and live with her, but also realized that the current layout of the home was not making her happy and

  • The project consisted in converting and extending the existing garage into an office and in the addition of a porch. The existing front door was retained for energy efficiency as research has demonstrated that having two front doors can help save up to 11% in energy bills. The walls, floors and roof have been super insulated for energy efficiency and for sound insulation.

  • Industrial sheds are not usually the most aesthetically pleasing  of buildings and they are not associated with sustainability, nevertheless they are needed. We have  expertise  in creating sheds that look beautiful and that can generate electricity through the extensive use

  • The Clients of this house are art lovers and wanted a home that would allow the displaying of their beautiful paintings in an integrated and elegant way.  Sustainability and energy efficiency were also key  requirements together with the need to

  • Shophouses are a typical South-East Asian typology and until recently these one hundred year old beautiful buildings were being tore down to give space to skyscrapers and glass office building. In collaboration with a local Singapore company we worked to reconvert the buildings to their original splendour, saving the special urban character and human scale that Shophouses create.

  • Now used as University offices, this sustainable building was developed while working with Casson Conder Architects in London. Natural ventilation and measures to increase natural lighting allowed for the creation of an energy efficient, beautiful building.

  • This stadium is positioned in front of the sea in Athens, and was designed with the idea that it should resemble a ship ready to join the beautiful Mediterranean sea. The project was developed in collaboration with Thymio Papayannis Architects in Athens.