Green home extension, St Albans


As families grow and change our homes requires adaptation and upgrading.  The owner of this house wanted her mum to come and live with her, but also realized that the current layout of the home was not making her happy and was in need of an upgrade.  The granny Annex was integrated in the house and featured many items to help make life easy when we get that bit older, for example,  the  bedroom has a purposely designed low bay window allowing for our Client’s mum to be able to look outside even if she is laying in bed, in those days when she is not feeling too well.   All the doorways have been designed to allow for a wheelchair to go through, if this becomes necessary in the future, while a level threshold to the garden eliminates all steps, which can become a barrier later on in life.   The Client is a very intelligent lady and she understood the importance of making sure her home was made more energy efficient during the refurbishment as she was paying huge electricity and gas bills.  We ensured that all the walls ceiling and floors were super insulated and added insulation tho a few of the existing walls, while four massive, triple glazed, roof lanterns bring in lots of light avoiding the need to have the lights on in such a deep plan.  To avoid overheating we also ensured that cross ventilation is allowed for during the summer months.

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